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Bumi: Here, Take a Sip and Breath

There are changes and dynamics along the amazing process, love. Semantics of which human have reached up to the modern world seem serve little to no effect to the process. There are also philosophers, like say Montaigne, who took the narrative approach to almost any impactful events in life,  at that time as a gentlemen. Of course, you can say he was contained in his time, culture, and say the whole system was different. But, there’s this thing of which transcend time, feeling and the emotional surge that any human can share. Montaigne believed to reassessment, as we’ve understood nowadays like introspection, to inner values in respect of unexpected event or surge of feeling or new territory to his social network. As a note, he was a philosopher who were so keen to undertake details of intellectual endeavour, social stances in real world, and of course his feelings. 

There is no limit to deeply felt emotions, as it grip the soul each time human experience the moment.  Everything runs simultaneously as if it creates continuum of its own. Human surrender to feeling, as it constitutes the very essence of humanity. This writ advocates the meaning of emotion as determining element in almost anything in daily life. In the ever-busy modern living, our relevance to feeling have been drown by routines and objectives that we’ve thought will provide enough satisfaction, that we’ve believed firmly it will guarantee the life we live will prosper and proper. As a matter of fact  it is not, a fraction of it yes, but not all. We are in a huge debt of feeling, everyone deserve a sip of happiness and breath out of it.

Well, about the sip of happiness. There are, of course, wide range of possibilities. One might define reciprocal attitude will suffice, one might see more on the satisfaction from the said performance, or simply like a busines process: a transaction. Only way to make sure which is which is by trial and error, experience it, and if one bump onto new challenges, please be sure to be wise to assess the situation as it might need delicate series of action.

Amidst surefire surge of feeling,

Bumi Ad-driyarkara


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